ARC After Hours

Animal Referral Centre is also an emergency vet clinic (ARC After Hours) for pets that need veterinary care when their regular vet is closed. ARC After Hours is the leading provider of emergency and critical care for pets on Auckland’s North Shore, operating out of one of New Zealand’s best equipped veterinary hospitals. ARC After Hours is staffed by a team of dedicated emergency vets and nurses, with support available from veterinary specialists when required. A referral is not required to bring your pet to ARC After Hours.

ARC After Hours operates from 6:00pm-8:00am weeknights and all day and night on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

What you can expect

In an emergency, call us on 09 2815815. Your call will be taken by one of the ARC After Hours team members, who will take your details and advise you on what to do next. You will be given an indication of the relevant consultation fees. 

We will assess your pet as soon as possible after arrival.

  • Pets are seen and treated by a dedicated emergency vet
  • Animals that require the most urgent and immediate treatment will be seen as a priority
  • We will contact your usual vet with an update of your pet’s progress as soon as possible during normal opening hours 
  • If your pet is critically ill or requires specialist attention, consultation with a specialist in the relevant field can be arranged if requested.

Upon arrival
Please report to reception.  Your pet will be promptly assessed and you will be advised on what will happen next.  

Consultation and treatment
In most cases this is a consultation with an ARC After Hours vet, during which a treatment plan and any further associated costs will be fully discussed.

If your pet is deemed to be critical then this will be communicated and they may be admitted to the treatment area so that life-saving treatments can be started as soon as possible. Once your pet’s condition is stablised, a consultation will occur where an appropriate treatment plan can be developed and associated costs discussed.

How to reach us by car:
Take the Upper Harbour Highway exit off the Northern Motorway (SH1). Turn west on SH18. After driving two kilometres take the Albany Highway exit and turn right at the lights onto Albany Highway. Continue on Albany Highway for 500 metres, through the Schnapper Rock/Bush Road intersection and down the hill. At the base of the hill turn left into the Animal Referral Centre driveway. The clinic is the second building back from the road.