Facility Cat

Why choose ARC for your cat?

ARC is staffed with veterinary specialists/consultants in multiple disciplines. As in human medicine, veterinary specialists must undergo extensive training beyond that of the basic veterinary degree. This allows them to provide advanced veterinary care in their discipline, that complements the services provided by your local veterinary clinic.

Sometimes an animal’s problems are complex and would benefit from input from more than one clinician. If this is the case with your cat then both the medical and surgical specialists/consultants will collaborate to create the most appropriate treatment plan. At ARC this bespoke approach is provided at no extra cost.

ARC has state-of-the art equipment that enables swift, accurate diagnostics and detailed imaging studies of your cat, with minimal stress and discomfort.

Our facilities include:

  • Cat-only waiting room, consultation room and hospital
  • 16 slice CT scanner
  • Fluoroscopy (video x-ray)
  • Ultrasound
  • Digital x-ray
  • Endoscopic equipment
  • In-house laboratory

Dedicated cat facility

We recognise that cats are particularly vulnerable to stress, and have designed our facility with this in mind. We have a dedicated cat hospital so that our feline friends do not even see a dog during their stay with us. These outstanding facilities are designed to exceed the highest cat friendly standards set by the International Society of Feline Medicine and are proudly supported by Royal Canin.