For outpatient services, ARC clinicians perform the requested study without a consultation and the referring vet is responsible for reporting results.
Sedation is often required for abdominal ultrasound. Risks of sedation should be discussed with the client prior to referral for outpatient abdominal ultrasound imaging.

Results will be sent to the referring vet within 24 hours (Monday – Friday) for all procedures with the exception of Holter Monitoring (allow up to 1 week from monitor return).

If a consultation is required, if additional procedures are desired or if the patient is unstable, then please refer for a standard consultation using the referral form for , internal medicine, cardiology or emergency care. Workup will then be performed by the receiving clinician after consultation with the client.

Please also use this form for requests for X-ray reporting by Dr Angela Hartman.

If you have a case that needs to be seen urgently please call the practice on 09 281 5815.

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  Ultrasound - Abdomen
  Possible need and associated risks of sedation have been discussed with the client.
Please perform fine needle aspiration (FNA) if clinically indicated*
  Holter Monitor
  Pregnancy ultrasound
  Radiograph Reporting (billed to referring practice)
  DICOM images have been uploaded to our Keystone Community system
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